The Yellow Amazon Parrot

When individuals consult with the Yellow parrot they’re truly speaking about any one in all three varieties, the Yellow-headed Amazon, the Double Yellow-headed Amazon and the Yellow-naped Amazon. To complicate issues a bit of additional there are additionally quite a lot of subspecies that needs to be included on this group, such because the Magna (or Magnum) Yellow-headed Amazon which might be differentiated by the very fact the it’s extra predominantly yellow in shade than it is shut cousins and as such attracts a premium in price as a pet.

The plumage of the Yellow Amazon parrot is strikingly stunning though barely totally different for every totally different selection. They share a vibrant inexperienced physique and tail feathers however the variations happen within the placement and site of the yellow colorations. The Yellow-headed Amazon has a yellow head, the Yellow-naped Amazon has a yellow chest and neck relatively than the pinnacle and the Double Yellow-headed Amazon has each a yellow nape, neck and head.

The Yellow Amazon grows to between 14-17 inches in size which is 35-43cm and so is the biggest of the Amazon parrots and this truth should not be missed in case you are contemplating one as a pet, as with most bigger species of parrot they are often fairly harmful, typically needing alternative toys and perches which might shortly add as much as fairly an expense. They’re at their happiest after they have room to fly and transfer round lots, so when you contemplate proudly owning one as a pet you can purchase a big birdcage for them in addition to allow them to out of their cage day by day.

These birds originate from the coastal areas of Mexico in addition to the northerly components of Honduras and Guatemala in addition to the vast majority of Belize. Sadly on account of black market demand within the pet commerce in addition to a major discount of their pure habitat measurement, these birds are actually thought of an endangered species. The import, export and commerce of the Yellow Amazon is now unlawful, though captive birds can owned and bought legally topic regulatory adherence. All of which means that they’re fairly costly to purchase as a pet and can price anyplace upwards of $800 to $1500+ relying on sub species, keep in mind I discussed that the Magna Yellow-headed Amazon fetched a premium on account of its rarer colorations so you’d anticipate to pay circa $1200+.

As pets these birds are very entertaining and they’re thought of some of the completed talkers amongst parrots, utilizing a big vocabulary and saying extraordinarily properly, in reality they’re most likely solely bested by the African Gray parrot on the subject of speaking accomplishment.

The Yellow Amazon Parrot

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